Who doesn’t like getting flowers from someone they love? A flower is a universal symbol of affection, love, and happiness. Flowers can make any occasion joyous.

If you want to wish someone for his or her birthday, just take a bouquet of beautiful flowers and the person will be really happy. But many people get confused about which flowers to pick. Here are some suggestions of the best flowers for birthdays.



Roses are one of the best flowers to give someone.

Different colours of roses have different meanings; for example, a red rose is a symbol of love and yellow a symbol of friendship. So, you can pick the colour according to your relationship with the person you are going to give flowers to.

If you plan to give a flower to a friend, then pink and yellow roses are the best options. Red roses are romantic and are given to someone special.



Lilies symbolise happiness and positivity. You can give this flower to anybody despite the age or relationship. So, you can give it to your mom, grandfather, friend or any other loved one. It is appropriate for any occasion, including birthdays.



Orchids look stunning and can be found in different colours. You can give it to your spouse or friend on their birthdays. Orchids represent love and strength and will make people happy.



These beautiful yellow flowers can brighten up any person’s day. It symbolizes creativity, inspiration, and forgiveness. A bunch of daffodils look beautiful and can be a perfect gift for birthday.



A bouquet of colourful gladiolus can be a perfect gift for your loved one. It represents infatuation and shows how much you care for them. It symbolizes a strong relationship.



You can get these flowers in amazing colours. It represents cheerfulness. The petals of these flowers are evenly arranged which makes them look beautiful. This flower is available throughout the year, making it perfect for birthdays.

Each flower has a special meaning. The flowers just discussed are ideal for birthdays, but you need to choose one according to the relationship you have with the person. The wrong flower can send a different message.

Birthdays are special and you can make it more special for the person by giving them a nice bouquet.